F38 can't mount external USB CD/DVD drive

I tried to search for solutions to this, but did not find answers relevant to fedora 38.
I am attempting to use an external CD/DVD USB drive. It appears on lsscsi as [0:0:0:0] cd/dvd Dell DVD+/-RW DW316 WD11 /dev/sr0.
All attempts to mount it result in no medium found on /dev/sr0and a dmesg error /dev/sr0: Can't open blockdev.
That is a lot of ‘preformatted text’. And I am probably overlooking a simple solution. I think I have all my RPM Fusion installed and enabled properly. Attempting to read music CD’s to create MP3’s.

I followed the instructions here “Installing Plugins … Music”, restarted and nothing improved. The laptop tries to boot from the Lou Reed CD in the drive, but finds nothing readable. Drive does not appear in Nautilus at all.

Music CDs do not use traditional filesystem formats (ISO9660, FAT, etc.). Rather, the data is written to them in tracks. The mount command is designed to work with filesystems, not music tracks, so that may be why you cannot “mount” your music CDs.

Edit: It looks like you could use ffmpeg to extract the tracks from an audio CD

It looks like the device was DOA new in the box. It makes all the same nothing on a Windows system.
More experiments required. And a replacement.

***Update for anyone interested…
The external CD/DVD drive DOES WORK - OUT OF THE BOX. The problem I had all along was the seller on Amazon packaging the drive with a cable that could not support the device current draw. Drive ‘connected’ to the system; but blacked out when the disk accelerated.
Moral of the story? Not all cables are created equal.

many years ago I used

cdparanoia.x86_64 : Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) extraction tool (or ripper)

if you are not afraid of the terminal, try it.

K3b and others are able to ‘rip’ data from music CDs.

That said, the user may need to be added to the ‘cdrom’ group to access and read the disk.

Okay so when I put a music CD into my DVD drive it shows under /run/user/1000/gvfs/cdda:host=sr0, also in the nautilis file browser as an AudioCD. I did nothing to make this happen, it works OOTB.