Playing CD's DVD's Fedora 33

I used to be able to play my Music CD’s in Fedora but now, since upgrading to Fedora 33, I seem unable to even find them once inserted in my CD tray
The CDROM is mounted as it can find other types of CD but not always able to dispay the contents…
As far as I know, th Physical CDROM drive is in good working order
Can anybody help me on this please…VERY Frustrating

best Wishes


What app are you using to try and play the CD? There are several that can do so, some better than others.
Audadity? rythembox? vlc? somthing else?
Is gstreamer1 installed?
Is fedora 33 fully updated?

We really need more info to assist.

Hi - Sorry for delay in response…Lost internet for a couple of days.
Anyway, it is not app specific sadly…Even if I try and view CD’s or DVD’s in the FILES app, I t may list the Disk as being in the tray but cannot show contents…This happens with all types of File types, Media…like Films, Music or data files…
The Device is listed under “DISKS” and is a PHILIPS DVD+/-RW DVD8801 (4D28)
I have tries this with the Drive mounted when needed and automatical mounted at start up but it makes no difference
Thanks in advance for your help

Everything is updated…the Fed 33 install is actually an updated version of 32 that had everything working fine…CD’s included - Bit now, Not even FILES App can see contents on CD’s.
Maybe a fresh install is a good option, though awkward right now

Do you have VLC or the additional codecs from RPMFusion installed? Depending on the CDs or DVDs, you may need additional software.

This sounds like your CD/DVD drive is broken. Can you try with a different one to rule out this possibility?

Using a replacement is not easy as I don’t have one but the possibility it is broken is slim as it was working before I upgraded to Fedora 33

But if there are no other options, then I will have to try and find a replacement…

Thanks for your reply

Please note that I’m not sure about this. It may be an issue with Fedora too. It just looks to me like it is broken, but I may be wrong. If you can lend a device to try out, you could rule out that uncertainity.

I may have founf one I can use…Thanks for replying :wink: and I’ll respond to this when I know the answer :wink: