Eye-of-gnome(Image viewer) cannot open webp files, and Nautilus doesn't have thumbnail preview of webp images

How can we add support in Eye-of-gnome for webp images files, or is there any other images viewer that does support webp files.
What can we do to add support in Nautilus(Gnome Files) for thumbnails preview of images.
Because Firefox support webp files, sometimes when downloading jpeg images they are converted on the fly in webp files.

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One solution is install webp-pixbuf-loader. It is a image loader for GTk+ applications.

Close Eye-of-gnome and Nautilus , then run the following command.

sudo dnf install webp-pixbuf-loader


  • Eye-of-gnome can open webp images.
  • Nautilus(gnome Files) show thumbnails preview of webp images.

Source from gitlab.gnome.org
webp-pixbuf-loadedr github page

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Also make GNOME Image Viewer the default application for opening WebP:

xdg-mime default org.gnome.eog.desktop image/webp

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