Thumnails in file selection window

I cannot figure out how to get thumbnails of images show up in the file selection dialogues. They are visible in Gnome’s file manager but not those dialogues. I would like to have miniatures of jpg and webp images.

Would appreciate help with this.

Do they show if you’ve visited that folder previously in Nautilus, but not otherwise? In that case there doesn’t seem to be anything that the end-user can do about the problem right now except to wait or to get involved with GNOME development.

Thanks for the reply! Is it possible to pre-generate thumbnails for everything on my hard drive?

This probably won’t fully work, but you can try deleting ~/.cache/thumbnails

This will make thumbnails regenerate

If you’re talking about the file picker in certain apps like firefox, then yeah, I believe there’s nothing we can do about it besides wait for GNOME devs to fix it