Problem with new file picker. Thumbnails are not loaded

Hello. For some reason, thumbnails of the latest media files are not loaded in file picker. In order for them to appear, you must first open this folder in gnome files (nautilus).
How can I try to solve this problem? Or is it a flaw in file picker, gtk or something else?

I showed it in the screencast


I am seeing thumbnails in that image of all the screenshots in the ~/Picures/Screenshots folder except for the last 2 done.
Are those the ones that concern you?
What may have changed between 12:29:20 and 12:33:03?

It seems that either there is a delay in creating the thumbnails or something may have changed in that small (less than 4 minute) period between those screenshots.

The problem is that thumbnails don’t load at all unless I first open this folder in nautilus.

And where else would you expect to see them?
Thumbnails do not appear on the desktop or in a terminal so usually the only place one would see them is in the nautilus window or when trying to select a file with the file picker.

Yeah, but file picker does not load thumbnails without first opening the folder in nautilus.

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