Evolution back to defaults after last update

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I use Evolution for virtually all my email. After the last update (Evolution 3.40.4 (3.40.4-1.module_f34+12632+5ae7e8f8) it reset to default settings and shows it as if it was at the first launch. Trying to restore it from a backup does nothing.

Launching it from CLI causes this error:

(evolution:11948): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 12:05:31.787: Your application did not unregister from D-Bus before destruction. Consider using g_application_run().

Would you be able to help me fix this? Thanks a lot

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Try to kill the Evolution process in system monitor and start the application again. This might work.

It didn’t. I killed any process with evolution in the name, restarted the application (blank again), tried to restore my backup but it did not work.

Might be worth noting that I tried to revert Fedora to a previous snapshot and it works, but whenever I update it again it gets back to this state.

I have this exact problem too – I’ve lost all my evolution settings, all my accounts have disappeared and I need to set everything up again following an Evolution update. I’m on same version as Giulio.

Hello, I had the same problem with Evolution from the Flatpak offers…
I uninstalled it and put the RPM version and everything was back…
all mail accounts and all caldav entries are back…
how and why, no idea :+1: :grinning:

many greetings
translated from german

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If it’s flatpak from Fedora you may want to take a look at, 2010597 – Fedora's Flatpak Evolution not using custom evolution-data-server build

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How do I install RPM version? I uninstalled Evolution via Software GUI and then reinstalled it using dnf, which I assumed would be the RPM version, but same problem persists!

EDIT: ok I realise I probably always had it installed from flatpack and need to move the config/data files to where RPM version stores them, which is a PITA. Going to just set up from scratch again.

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In the software center in the upper right corner I have the choice between the Flatpak and the RPM providers.
many greetings

I use a flatpak ONLY when the software is not available from the regular repos. As you can tell there are differences and sometimes conflicts.



I can confirm I solved it too by using the RPM version.

The only thing that bothers me now, though, is that it doesn’t appear in the search menu on Gnome anymore and I had to add it manually to the main menu.

In the applications menu? I use the RPM and it is listed here correctly. If you open a new issue for this, we can debug it.


I will, thank you

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