Can't uninstall evolution - claims it's already uninstalled

I’m running workstation 38 and can’t seem to uninstall evolution (installed from the fedora project flatpak using GNOME software). The first time I clicked uninstall it gave me some error like “directory not empty” and then now I try and uninstall it it says “org.gnome.Evolution/x86_64/stable not installed”, but it’s stuck in my menu.
Is there some way to “force uninstall” this?


It might be that Software is having problems. I was able to replicate the same problem on my end and did the following to resolve the issue. In terminal run:

flatpak remove org.gnome.Evolution
flatpak remove org.gnome.Evolution.Locale

Then log out and back in and the icon in menu should now be gone.


ah a log out and back in solved it for me, thanks!

No worries! Glad it worked for you!