ELAN touchpad doesn’t work on Fedora 35 on MSI GP66 Leopard

I am using Fedora and sometimes my touchpad freez, or clicks but doesn’t move. Here is the outputs of /proc/bus/input/devices

    bash-5.1$ cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep -i touchpad
    N: Name="PNP0C50:00 04F3:30AA Touchpad"
    N: Name="ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad"

And xinput

    bash-5.1$ xinput list
    WARNING: running xinput against an Xwayland server. See the xinput man page for details.
    ⎡ Virtual core pointer                    	id=2	[master pointer  (3)]
    ⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              	id=4	[slave  pointer  (2)]
    ⎜   ↳ xwayland-pointer:17                     	id=6	[slave  pointer  (2)]
    ⎜   ↳ xwayland-relative-pointer:17            	id=7	[slave  pointer  (2)]
    ⎣ Virtual core keyboard                   	id=3	[master keyboard (2)]
        ↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard             	id=5	[slave  keyboard (3)]
        ↳ xwayland-keyboard:17                    	id=8	[slave  keyboard (3)]

It looks like something virtual.

You are using that in wayland.

Have you tried it in xorg to see if the issue is possibly wayland related?
Which DE? Gnome, kde, something else?

I don’t know how to try something in xorg is @computersavvy
And what is DE ?

DE = Desktop Environment. The default for fedora workstation is gnome, but there are other spins that use different DEs so that was the reason for my reference to that.

The login screen (and the lock screen) has a ‘gear’ in the lower right corner that can be used to select whether to use wayland (the default) or xorg for the compositor of your desktop. They work differently and for some things one or the other do not work properly.

If you switch to using xorg for the login and the problem disappears then it is wayland related. If it does not disappear then it is something else.

In fact the command ‘xinput’ is written for use in the xorg environ which is why it gave you that message about wayland.