ELAN Touchpad issues

Hi I have installed fedora workstation on my laptop which uses an ELAN Touchpad when I install fedora(any spin) or actually any distro for that matter my touchpad seems to work fine initially and shows up in xinput list but then at random times(while starting from a cold boot/restarting the device) it just freezes and doesn’t show up in xinput list…this gets resolved automatically smh when I do a force shutdown, but sometimes it doesn’t and I have to keep doing a force shut down multiple times until it fixes itself… It gets really annoying
Although, this issue never happens with my bluetooth mouse

I earlier thought this was some systemd problem, so I used artix with runit and openrc (one at a time)
This issue occurs way lesser in runit and openrc but it still does occur

My laptop is HP 15s eq0024au

What can I do to make my touchpad flawlessly run everytime ?
Thanks in advance !!