Elan Touchpad 1300 occasionally stops working after booting up

Hi all,

I am using ASUS VivoBook F512DA and it’s using Elan Touchpad 1300. It outputs this ELAN1300:00 04F3:3087 Touchpad when I use xinput --list. The issue started after I installed Fedora to the laptop. I used usb live to install fedora 31 and after the installation xinput --list will not list the touchpad. I will have to reboot one to two times for it to work. This happens quite often, almost every day, I have to reboot my laptop to make it works. Is there anyway I can use terminal to reset and start the touchpad when it stops working? I am currently using Fedora 31.


Does this thread help?


There isn’t an Basic option for the touchpad, only Enabled and Disabled. I think the link that you sent me is a Acer Model and he/ she probably is unable to make it work. But I am able to make it work after few restart. Sometimes it’s just luck so I wondered if there is any way to reset the I/O for the touchpad.

I have the same issue on ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14