DR14 is a definition of a dynamic range calculation and a suggested minimum dynamic range for music tracks and albums. This COPR is an update of existing git/copr package to work with Fedora 38/39 as at 2023-12-24.

Note: see the later standardised ''ebur128'' and ''ebumeter''

Installation Instructions

The package suggests a runtime requirement of ffmpeg, which provides conversion of various audio formats to a non-compressed 16-bit wave format. The application is command line, see the manual: $ ''man dr14tmeter'' Basic command line usage example: $ wget https://www.dropbox.com/s/z2y19b73lowzwzn/TAMMY%20-%20Stan%20Devereaux.mp3?dl=1'' $ dr14_tmeter --file TAMMY\ -\ Stan\ Devereaux.mp3 /music/TAMMY - Stan Devereaux.mp3 /music/TAMMY - Stan Devereaux.mp3: DR 14 /music/TAMMY - Stan Devereaux.mp3 : DR = 14 Peak dB = -1.18 Rms dB = -19.20

Track License: Public domain https://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com/ Tammy

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