Audinux repository updated for Fedora 37

I updated the Audinux COPR repository (Audio / Music tools for Fedora) to be used on Fedora 37.
A lot of work this time because I added aarch64 architecture. This one required a lot of works :slight_smile:
You can read some more informations related to this repo here:

And the COPR repository is available here:

You can report problems related to these packages here:

A small video made on Fedora 35, but with a low latency kernel (XanMod low latency kernel):

Have Fun !


I managed to record a cover of Amon Amarth (Avenger) using the Liquorix Kernel.
Everything was recorded “live” without any Xruns despite the video recording.


A new video. Candlemass this time. Some Doom metal on Fedora :slight_smile:
I noticed a problem with the 5.15 RT kernel. It’s like Canada Dry: it’s sounds like an XRun, it looks like an Xrun, but it’s not reported as an XRun by jack. Maybe an USD Audio problem. It has been fixed in later RT kernels. So, I stuck to 5.10 RT.


I came to say thank you. This copr of the only way for me to get spek running on a modern distro, apart from the snap, which I don’t want.

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Thanks al lot for your message !

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Hello !

First, thank you for your work and your dedication :slight_smile:

I usually don’t write in forums, so excuse me if my message is at the wrong place, but I installed the real-time kernel, the akmod-nvidia driver from RPM Fusion, and I get this message during boot : “Nvidia module not found. Falling back to nouveau.”

Secure boot is disabled. I just wanted to know if the realtime kernel is incompatible with Nvidia, or if it’s something else :slight_smile: I stream my music creation sessions with OBS, so I need both realtime capabilities and efficient GPU management.

Thank you again,
Have a nice day,

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Thanks for your post.
I am not really familiar with the installation of the nvidia driver.
Do you have installed the devel / header part of the kernel-rt package ?

Can you post a link where we can see your work ?

Can you try this guide? Installing NVIDIA drivers on a realtime Linux (PREEMPT-RT) · GitHub

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Thanks a lot for this link`I will check on my side too.