No packages for Non-session-manager and other non-mixer

Looks like there used to be packages for non-session-manager in Fedora 30
but not in Fedora 31 ??
Non Session Manager | Non

I did not found them on FlatHub either.

Any info why they disappear ?


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Hello brunovernay! Welcome to the community! :grinning:Please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here when you have the time. They contain lots of useful information.

I think it’s related to non-daw dependency package which failed to build from source. As a result, the package was retired.

here is a bug report:

and non-session-manager package info:




So, in spite of the name, is not related to Fedora at all. The community does not maintain this resource, and we do not verify that the information over there is correct either.

For Fedora packages, one should look at

For example here is the last change for non-session-manager:

It was made 3 years ago when the package was retired. The message says: " Provided by non-daw since f21". Unfortunately, as @roypen already pointed out, non-daw does not build any more and was also retired:


Thanks for all the answers. Seem to be abandoned indeed.
Looks like some resources could be better leveraged Package non-daw in ycollet/linuxmao

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What resources are you referring to please?

  My parse:  "COPR community outperformed maintainers this time.  I'm simultaneously happy and being ranting.  Possibly dnf install should search through COPR by default, if possible, as it’s a treasure (or can be for one)."

  So, probably, "Resources" is the model of the attention that was not paid to this particular package.  Probably, the model is processed by @brunovernay’s jelousy.  It's a good sort of jelousy (if it is) by my taste, as this was not an empty rant:  TS has used COPR instead of using Debian from now on.

Human Resources. I didn’t check for a few months, but Y. Collet has tried to reach out and engage in the “official repo”. I guess without success, but I didn’t check the music/audio mailing-list.
Remember: from a security point of view, you are giving root access to copr maintainer …

COPR “outperformed” maintainers is hard to say. The whole point of people using COPR is that they don’t need to go through the rigorous package review process to ensure that the package meets the required standards for inclusion in Fedora

So, sure, COPR is convenient, and you get a package/repository up with less effort. On the other hand, COPR packages are unreviewed and untested. Which is why most COPRS always say “use at your own risk, and ask the maintainer” :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is a different discussion. Good that you found a COPR that works.

COPR do not work for me, I would rather compile from sources.
But I found the mails I referred to: MuseScore v2.3.2 - music - Fedora Mailing-Lists that was august 2018 :slight_smile: and there have been less than 10 mails since then. Not much activity in the Fedora music list.
Back then I would have like to participate in packaging and updating, not to the extent of Y. Collet so.

Now again, I have time to dedicate on this and I guess it would just need a helping hand from within the Fedora community to get Y. Collet on board and all these packages in the main repo. (If he is still motivated). This is morphing into a new thread … but anyway