Does anyone know how to adjust the font size for this?


In Gnome Desktop I can press the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out to make the content bigger/smaller. Try if you can do this too to get bigger text and use it easier.

If you use a Desktop Environment in the future, it will be much asyer to change just the font size. For the moment the trick above should help you see the content better in the vmware workstation.

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That looks like a VT, so this might work:

In particular, see the last reply about using grubby.

Starting up a graphical environment inside the VM would give you a lot more flexibility.


Of course this would be the best. But seams not to be available for the moment. As it is a Server Version it might comes with Cockpit. Or the easiest way would be to install it. Cockpit has a Terminal app and it is possible to resize font size as it has this option.

How to install and configure Cockpit:

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I tried it, but it looked like it failed.

This does not apply to Fedora Server.

I tried it and that really solved my problem.

Network/Dns is not configured, so you could not access the internet.