How can I make fonts bigger and preferably bolder?

I have trouble reading the default fonts in Fedora + Gnome Classic, in Fedora + Cinnamon, and in Mint + Cinnamon. I have better luck in Fedora + Mate, but it lacks some of my other accessibility needs. I hope to get things working with Fedora + Cinnamon

I have a 1080x1920 lcd monitor. I can’t switch to a higher-resolution monitor. If I use Settings > Displays to reduce effective resolution, intermediate values are blurrier than I’d like, and half resolution is fainter than I’d like, and means most apps won’t fit on the screen.

If I use Settings > Accessibility > Seeing > Large Text, in Gnome Classic, it doesn’t affect the bottom panel or certain apps. If I use Tweaks > Fonts > Scaling Factor, likewise.

If I use Tweaks > Fonts, and switch the fonts and their sizes, it doesn’t affect the top panel, while both changes affect most apps.

In Firefox, I already use userChrome.css and userContent.css to set larger font sizes, and have sometimes used it to set a text shadow to bolden everything.

For Steam, I used Menu Editor to add a command: flatpak run com.valvesoftware.Steam -forcedesktopscaling 1.5

Is there a global fix, preferably one that will work in Cinnamon?

Gnome Tweaks doesn’t work in Cinnamon.

I can make everything bigger using Preferences > Display, either reducing the resolution (which makes everything too blurry), or enabling fractional scaling at setting it to 150% (somewhat blurry).

I would prefer to switch and enlarge fonts. If themes can do that, I can’t find a way to search the maze of themes to find ones which do that.

P.S. Okay, in Cinnamon, it’s “Font Selection,” and works like Gnome Tweaks doesn’t.