Do you know how to create with livecd-creator tool a live iso which boots into an interactive tty, not into a desktop?

I mean…I want to boot a Fedora iso to get into a (live) login shell

I want to use the livecd-creator tool with an according Kickstart file. Do you know if there’s some Kickstart file in “fedora-kickstarts” package which could fit in this behaviour? Or, at least, which packages should I put into a custom Kickstart file to achieve this goal?

Thanks a lot!

Like the Rocky Linux live ?

Well, I’m not aware of any “live” Rocky Linux iso: in there’s only isos which boot into a installer. I want to build a custom iso with the help of livecd-creator (starting from a Fedora “Server” iso and using a custom Kickstart file) which boots into a login shell. My question is about which content (that is, packages list) should have this custom Kickstart file I’ve achieved getting a running desktop live session but not a terminal live session. Thanks!