Unable to boot into custom (livemedia-creator) Fedora 30 xfce

I made a custom Fedora 30 based on xfce4 spin. When I boot, I see a log-in window, asking me for the user name and password. I tried logging in leaving every thing blank, then I tried “root” as user and left password blank, I even tried to log in from a live usb drive, but I could not log in. The log-in window has “Other” for user and there is no other user available (I also booted iso via qemu with no success). I have “rolled” custom isos via livemedia-creator since Fedora 24 (and before that with live-cd) and have never had problems logging on (although mock and/or live-media-creator are problematic it seems with every new iteration of Fedora).

Any suggestions or ideas as to how to log in – or at least how to change the kickstart file so that log in will be possible.

I also downloaded Fedora 30 xfce spin from FedoraProject website; I had no problem with the log in, so I assume the problem lies with Mock or Livemedia-Creator.

No livemedia-creator or kickstart experts out there?

No one has any suggestions?

Brian Lane informed me on bugzilla that initscripts needs to be included in the %packages list of the flattened kickstart in order to be able to log to custom isos based on Fedora.

I tried it and it works. Problem solved.

Glad that you found a solution :+1:
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