Create custom liveced image with custom files added

I am trying to create my own Fedora livecd with my own package selection and some custom files.
I have had some success selecting my own packages by creating a custom kickstart file and then use the livecd-creator. However, I cannot add my own files. I would like to add some rpm file and their source-rpm as well as some compressed data. How can I add such files to a bootable livecd image? The image needs to be written and used from DVD.
Note that I am not particularly fond of creating kickstart files by hand, so I would be more that happy to learn about a different method to achieve my goal.
Thanks for any suggestions!

I don’t create my own images, but a quick search here shows this as a starting point.

Several other links appeared when I searched on for kickstart.

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Thanks for the link. I don’t quite understand from these docs of how to exactly create an image and somehow get the impression that they focus on container images, but the pungi tool looks interesting. That one might be able to create bootable iso images.