Creating a Custom Live USB drive of F31

Hi there,

I want to create live USB image of fedora 31 having some custom packages, like live image contain timeshift, LibreOffice etc pre-installed. And one use this image to install on real hardware these custom software should installed along with base fedora OS. Is this possible? if yes please help me out.
I want to install fedora on different standalone machines with some software.


Hello Umrinderpal

Yes, it is possible to build a custom image with custom packages. I am not too sure of the updated documentation, but what you need is a kickstart file. I cannot find a doc reference for the same task, but here is an understandable example.

We start with an empty kickstart file, which defines how the image is to be made. Since you would want to build off on the current workstation image, we would need the Fedora-Live-Workstation.ks (kickstart) file. Then, we define our own kickstart file, where you can list additional packages under the %packages section. You can also remove any package that comes by default with the workstation.

Therefore, for example you want LibreOffice along with your ISO, you can simply source the Workstation kickstart file in your new kickstart file and mention LibreOffice under %packages. It should look kind-of like this:

# some comments
%include fedora-live-workstation.ks
# some comments
<any other package you like>

After you are ready with the kickstart file, we can start making the ISO. First, we need to set the SELinux to Permissive state. Then, we just use the livecd-creater to make the ISO. Simple?

livecd-creator --verbose --config=custom_kickstart.ks --fslabel=some_label_0.1.0 --cache=cache --tmpdir=/tmp

The cache arg will download and cache all the required packages so you don’t have to re-download them again and again (if building multple images).

When you are done, restore the state of the SELinux to enforcing.