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Hi! Since upgrading to Fedora 40 (KDE Plasma) It is next impossible to use Discover to find and install new software. Updating is slow.
The search takes extremely long, often crashes (grey,bot responding) after some minutes. Like this, it is not useable anymore before the upgrade it worked fine
This is not a bandwidth issue, all other internet uses work great.All I can do us find and download the rpm files directly and get them installed.
When I try to use the KDE appstore, the situation is the same.
What can I do to get my system working again?

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Fedora 40, KDE 6.3.0 Frameworks, Discover 6.1.1

This is also slow today,

Install updates today took about 8 minutes to download 168 MB. I though my network was having problems . Ran 4 separate speed tests and all were above 930 Mbps. I’ve not noticed downloads being so slow before.

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Are there any logs you can provide ?

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I’m not a KDE user, so is there any log info you can provide ?

After upgrading my G14 to KDE 6.1, I’ve encountered this specific issue. The problem continues even with the recent update to version 6.1.1. Additionally, I’m experiencing occasional freezes in the Plasma Shell, particularly when using the search function or Krunner.

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I have the same problem. Discover crashes every time.
I have tu update using the Konsole with sudo dnf update.