Discover crashing

Discover is crashing while checking for updates. When I try reporting the problem, it just says that the generated backtrace information is not useful. This started happening 2-3 updates ago.
I use Fedora 36 with 5.18.15-200.fc36.x86_64 kernel and Plasma 5.25.3.

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It says the backtrace information couldn’t be generated.

Do you see any errors related to fetching repo info when you do a dnf check-update --refresh?

No errors there.

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Discover uses PackageKit, clean-up it’s meta-data and cache with:
pkcon refresh force -c -1
There’s already a newer version of Plasma (5.25.4), get it by running:
dnf distro-sync --refresh
and see if that resolves the issue.

Already using 5.24. Updated to it a few days ago.

Can you verify if you’re still experiencing the problem on the updated version?

I am.

pkcon repair -pv, it may not be related to PackageKit though.
That should take care of flatpak:
flatpak repair && flatpak update && flatpak uninstall --unused
Start discover from terminal and see if anything pops-up there. Discover uses other repositories (check out it’s settings) and sources (LVFS, KDE store, etc.).

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Will try when I can, in a few hours

Still crashing :confused:

Output of everything till it crashed:

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Just removed my Opendesktop account in settings. I think it works fine now. Will mark this answer as solution after a few days of it working properly.

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