Difficulty Installing Fedora 39

Hi Everyone,

I have just downloaded Fedora 39 workstation to install on my Asus Laptop. Upon booting up, the Grub menu appears and I cannot find how to go into the graphical installer.

Can you advise how I am able to get into the graphical installer please.

Thank you in advance,

Which fedora image did you download?
How are you booting it?

If you use the server image it does not by default have a gui desktop loaded.

Most of us install the Workstation image that is downloaded from Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project
then burn that iso image to a usb device. When booting from that usb it automatically opens the graphical live environment with an icon to perform the installation.

Hi Jeff V,

That’s where I downloaded the ISO image from (Workstation 39, AMD), and burnt onto the USB using Multwriter.

When I turn on the computer, booting off the ISO, it comes up with the Grub menu

Hi Everyone,
I think I found the problem.

The USB flash drive got rather hot within minutes of writing up the ISO.

If you didn’t have robust fingers like I have, you would have needed a pair of pliers to remote the Flash drive.

I used the Fedora installation tool with a different Flash drive, and selected the chosen OS and it is looking good.

Thank you all for your time