Install to hard drive doesnt open in fedora 38 workstation

When im trying to install fedora 38 workstation the install to hard drive doesnt open. I cant install fedora at all and im still in the live usb thing also it flickers alot but im guessing thats just nvidia gpu things

additionally ive had some issues installing other distros in the past but I dont know if that has anything to do with this. Couldnt find anyone else having this problem on the workstation edition but some on the kde spin

rtx 3060
32gb ddr4 ram
500gb nvme ssd
prime b550 motherboard

You’ll need to use the basic graphics mode in the boot menu (under Troubleshooting), and install closed nvidia drivers after Fedora is installed.

you dont understand I cant install fedora in the first place doesnt matter about the graphics

Does the live install media boot and provide the environment?

What happens that you cannot install? Does it not see a drive to use? does it never open the installer? We need more detail.

I think I do understand :slight_smile: When booting the Live image from USB, go to the Troubleshooting menu a boot the Live image in a basic graphics mode. This is not the first time people with Nvidia GPUs have troubles launching the installer (or some other particular applications) in the Live environment.

I created a Common Issues entry for this:

I think its just like my issue Not able to setup fedora
except i use intel not nvidia