Is there a way to run the Fedora installer from grub?

I want to remove Windows install Fedora 35 Workstation on an old PC.
In the Fedora installer, I selected “I would like to make additional space available” then “Delete all”.
While Fedora install was in progress, I clicked “Cancel”.
Now when I restart the PC, a grub menu appears:
How to run the Fedora installer?
The Fedora installer bootable USB media is plugged in.

Does your PC not have a way to manually enter the boot menu and select a boot device? Then you should be able to select the USB drive.

Manually booting from grub seems like a harder path to travel unless you have oddball hardware that doesn’t let you select the boot device.

Yes. I wish I thought of that before.

I left the PC on grub. When I came back an hour later the PC was off.
Now when I press the power button, it lights green for 4 seconds, and then turns off.
This PC is a ThinkPad T520.

Thinkpad => laptop
left for 1 hour then was off
power light on keyboard on for 4 seconds then off.

Are you on battery or AC? If on battery the symptoms you describe fit perfectly with the battery draining while in use, and unable to start due to low power remaining in the battery.

Make certain the laptop is plugged in, then try again to boot from the install media. If you get it booted start the install again from the beginning but this time do not interrupt the install. Let it complete. One major cause of failed installs is an incomplete install caused by power failure or manual interference.

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That worked! I plugged in the AC, selected the boot device in UEFI, and the Fedora installer displayed.
Thank you for all your help.