Deleting Fedora 33 proton remains in Fedora36

I still have some rest stuff from Fedora 33 unstable remains from Proton
When I do a dnf update for Fed. 36, I get the following in Terminal:

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package python3-proton-client-0.7.1-2.noarch

  • nothing provides python(abi) = 3.9 needed by python3-proton-client-0.7.1-3.noarch

Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
python3-proton-client noarch 0.7.1-3 proton-fedora-33-unstable 49 k

How can this be cleaned up / removed?

It has been in the system since Fed 34, Fed 35 and now with Fed 36

Someone once suggested it would go away with the next upgrade, but that hasn’t happened.


If you’re no longer using this for anything, try removing it: dnf remove python3-proton-client

If you are using this library, consider installing it in a virtualenv with pip after uninstalling it from dnf.

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Hi Scott, sorry but your tip didn’t not solve my initial problem. All it did was remove my present version of ProtonVPN, which I had to re-install as it was removed with your command.
By Restarting the system again after the new install, it still shows Fed 33 Work station by start-up, listed below The Actual version of Fed.36. It is listed as a “rescue”, version.