Removing Fedora 33 Workstation

Hi All, I am presently running Fed. 35 and have an additional version of Fed. 33 workstation, which is installed. I would like to remove it if possible, without disturbing the Fed. 35 (3 newest dnf updates versions)
How can I go about doing this?



If you’re talking about the Fedora 33 kernel, you can safely ignore it. It will drop off after you’ve installed a couple of more Fedora 35 kernels and leaving it in place is harmless. Old kernels are kept just in case of that unlikely event that something goes catastrophically wrong with a newer one. Your system won’t be downgraded to Fedora 33 if you boot to it, but you probably shouldn’t unless you really need to.


Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback. I thought it would’ve gone with the install of Fed.35.
Obviously it will take another Newer Version. I’ll see what happens with the Fed. 36.
The reason that I wanted to remove it is because when I do “dnf update” there is one “package” that keeps getting skipped, saying; “Skipping packages with broken dependencies; python3-proton-client noarch 0.7.1-3 proton-fedora-33-unstable 49 k”.
Skip 1 package.

I can and have been living with that message for sometime now. A bit longer won’t hurt.

Again thanks for your feedback.

Best regards,


This is a different issue. Can you please check where you installed that package from? Is it from a third-party repository, proton-fedora-33-unstable (I couldn’t find python3-proton-client in the Fedora repos)?

Hi Scott, it was a while back, but I think it was from Proton. I just checked the internet and it looks like it is Proton. Here is a link; How to install a VPN on Fedora.
It shows the step by step procedure using the Terminal…
Maybe you can see what the problem is, because I personally don’t know enough about it.

Thanks if you are able to explain or clear it up.