Content plan office hours

According to our discussion about the planned office hours I have

Feedback and improvement suggestions welcome.

We want to use this as a basis to decide at the next meeting how to inform and “agitate” the editions etc.

@darknao Do you know if there exist a better way in the css to enlarge the “Fedora Linux” box and keep the fonts as my q&d flex box option?

I’m not sure about the css part, but for the fonts, I think you missed to close the a tag here (> at the end of the first line is missing):

<a href="/fedora/fedora-linux/index.html"  style="flex-grow: 3.2;"  class="homepage-link homepage-link-primary" 

Thanks a lot. That resolved the font issue. I have double checked everything. But it’s hard to proofread your own text.

Looks great, Peter! My one suggestion is that we should highlight the sections that are “live” so that it’s clear when people go to look at it which ones they should look at. Maybe a border around the rounded squares or a different color?

I just completed a draft of a content plan office hours blog post:

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Please, could someone with the proper privileges add the planned office hours to fedora calendar?

Tuesday May 31, 1500 UTC #fedora-meeting-1 is free
Thursday June 2 1900 UTC #fedora-meeting and #fedora-meeting-2 are free

(That’s one of the peculiarities of the current state of our huge members list: those who can do some work, won’t, and (some of) those who want to do some work can’t)

I just added you to the Docs group in the account system. Are you able to add the events to the docs calendar now? (You may need to log out of Fedocal and then log back in) If not, I’ll add them and work out the permissions with the Infrastructure team.

This looks great to me. I made a few minor capitalization & spelling changes, but the substance is fine.

Let’s leave this open until after Wednesday’s meeting, at which point I’ll put it into the Community Blog to run on Thursday, if that sounds good to everyone.

Yes, I could add it. Thanks.

It’s fine for me. Question: when we publish the comm blog on Thursday (May 26), is the first office hour on the following week’s Tuesday (May 31) too early? Or is it an advantage before the blog is forgotten again (strike while the iron is hot).

It’s certainly more notice than some meetings have had. :slight_smile: I think Thursday to Tuesday is okay, especially since we’ll have a second meeting. We’ll just want to make sure we promote this to the relevant teams as soon as we can on Thursday.

We had no publication on commblog so far. Should we modify our schedule? E.g. the office hours one week later? And commblog publication on Monday or Tuesday?

I just realized as I’m about to pick up my moving truck that I didn’t do that. Sorry for letting it slip. Yes, let’s push back a week. I’ll get the post published no later than Tuesday

No problem. I just adjusted the office hours in Fedora calendar as well as the text on hackmd. So you can just pick it up next week vor the comm blog.

And “moving truck” - that sounds like a lot of work and an uncomfortable time ahead. Good luck.