Conformant OpenGL 4.6 GPU drivers

As of today, we’re happy to announce that Fedora Asahi Remix is fully conformant to OpenGL 4.6 and OpenGL ES 3.2! This update is already available in the Fedora Asahi Remix , and existing systems can get it by running dnf update --refresh. This work brings compatibility with modern OpenGL workloads, such as Blender, Ryujinx, and Citra.

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i’ve just installed fresh fedora on a m2pro macbook, then i’ve installed ryujinx and tested metroid prime remaster. first of all, it all works, and that is really nice. congrats for all the hard work. it great to see opengl 4.6 finally on asahi, and the news item mention good progress on vulkan too. i thought it would take more time until release. once again, amazing work !

now, i have a few issues to report:

  • there are black textures in the game. not everywhere, not often, but they are still there. for example: at the beginning of the game, the in-game small intro sequence, where the hero small ship is arriving at the space station. the hero ship is mostly black. there are also elements of the floor once the hero has landed on the space station. this all is visible right in the first minute of the game.
  • some blinking textures: for example the hero’s spacesuit helmet glass. but also elements of the game seen through the eyes of the hero, i mean game world, there’s blinking textures here and there.
  • there’s quite substantial slowdowns in-game, in particular when there are enemies on screen, but not only. scenes with effects, explosions, in-game lighting, heat, vapor, smoke also tend to slow everything down (i’d say to something like 10-15fps, whereas other area are butter smooth)
  • there’s some visible large translucent tiles on screen (almost all the time) and some have different brightness levels applied to them. some are darker, some are brighter.
  • there’s some game element appearing and disappearing (not quite blinking, just some texture aren’t getting shown, then a few steps later they are, move a bit around and they might disappear then later reappear again)

in comparison, on macos this game runs very smoothly all the time ( though, there are gfx errors on macos too, since moltenvk doesn’t implement full vulkan ). i must say it generally look better on asahi, despite the little problems i mentioned above. very nice for a first release.

here’s a screenshot to show some of the problems i’ve described:

and a link to a 30mb screencast:

My Hyprland Desktop got blurry on everything since I upgraded Asahi Fedora to the latest version today. It looks the same as 1080p despite the resolution being set to 4k.
Even if I leave all configurations empty to use default settings it changes nothing.
While KDE and GNOME work well.
The device is M1 Max.
What should I provide to help your investigation?

hmm, 1 day and few commits later, updated build seems to already fix some of the slowdowns :slight_smile:

for those interested to test fresh:

$ meson setup --reconfigure -Dglx=dri -Dgallium-drivers=asahi,swrast
$ sudo ninja install
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/lib64/" ~/Downloads/publish/

This is a hyprland bug, already fixed upstream. Driver GL version support updates often expose old bugs in apps.