Conformant GPU drivers and Remix updates

As of today, we’re happy to announce that Asahi Linux is fully conformant to OpenGL ES 3.1. This update is already available in the Fedora Asahi Remix, and existing systems can get by running dnf update (being mindful of the kernel-16k switch if you’re on an old install).

We’d previously announced that we expected to officially release Fedora Asahi Remix by the end of August 2023. As things stand now, it’s looking like we will need a bit more time to finish polishing the release, so we will likely miss that deadline. On the plus side, we do not expect any more breaking changes between now and release time, which means that Remix installs from today onwards should be able to safely update with dnf update to the official release without the need to apply manual workarounds.

We have a number of exciting features in the works for the release, stay tuned for more updates soon!


how can i move to this from normal asahi linux on m1? also, do i need to move to these fedora asahi remix releases or can i remain on the old non-gedora asahi linux for apple silicon? My model is M1 Macbook Air

Even though Fedora Asahi Remix is the new flagship distro for Linux on Apple Silicon, you don’t have to move to it (although I’d recommend it).

There’s no way to upgrade from one distro to another - they have different filesystems (ext4 > btrfs), configurations, and so on. But this migration blog post may help :slightly_smiling_face: