Install now or wait for official release?

Hi there, I have an M1 Mac mini and remember looking into Asahi Linux back before there was any usable release. Recently I re-acquired my M1 Mac Mini from storage as I have been fully switching all of my devices to GNU/Linux, and remembered about Asahi. Upon seeing how far it had come and that it is now in a daily drive-able state I decided that I wanted my Mac back to use with Linux now that it’s possible.

My question is: Is it worth installing Asahi Fedora remix as is and then upgrading as the official release comes? Will this cause a lot of problems for me or should I probably just use macOS until the release?

For context I am completely new to Fedora and the whole rpm side of things as I use Debian on all of my other devices, however, I would say my experience level is that of an advanced beginner to a beginner intermediate user. I am primarily focused on privacy and security, daily tasks, media consumption from my local archive, and light gaming (lutris/gog games). I do not use bluetooth, I use a wired mouse and keyboard. I imagine that it’s in a great state for my current uses, my concern is having to do some complicated re partitioning once the official release is out if I choose to install now, I’ve done a reinstall of Debian more times than I would like due to issues with partitioning. I would like to just install my OS and then keep it going via updates. Thank you.

Support for the M1 Mac Mini is fairly complete, so yes, you’ll likely have a great experience. Updates and version upgrades should also be seamless and won’t modify the partitioning layout used by the installer.

At this point is is very unlikely that you will have any issues upgrading to the final release when it comes, especially on that machine. We’ve covered all the expected “manual action” items since a couple months ago, so it should just work as a normal upgrade. Just make sure you install Fedora 39 (not 38) since that is what the release will be, to save you a major system upgrade.