Expected graphics support for official release later this month

The OpenGL 3.1 blogpost was before the Fedora Remix announcement. What does this new collaboration mean for graphics development. Is there a roadmap for Vulkan or any other tools that would bring us closer to be able to use Proton?

I understand that the priority is to turn Asahi into a viable daily driver, so while this might not be the most important development area, it would mean a significant improvement to bringing feature parity.

According to the What’s next? section at the bottom of this announcement from June, Vulkan is currently being worked on.

Proton already works (with wined3d); Lina was running a bunch of Steam games months ago. The blocker for Proton is not the GPU drivers, it’s having a stable 4K kernel build and having a user-friendly way of installing FEX.

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