DisplayLink on Fedora Asahi Remix 38

Hi friends!

If anyone is wanting to use their M1/M2 Mac with Asahi as a proper workstation while we wait for proper display support from the Asahi team (amazing work so far BTW guys), DisplayLink actually works!

As long as you have kernel headers and kernel source installed, you can actually just download, extract and run the DisplayLink software from the official source. It is for Ubuntu but it works just fine on Fedora 38 Asahi!

There were no patches or hacks required, and it works out of the box on Wayland.

Link to download: https://www.synaptics.com/node/5591?filetype=exe

The installer should automatically clone and build the evdi driver from source and install it (dkms).

Then it will install the remainder of the components required for DisplayLink to function.

If anyone needs any help with this let me know. FWIW, I am using an ALogic USB 3.0 dock. This one in particular: Buy DX2 Dual 4K Display Universal Docking Station – with 65W Power Delivery online at Alogic

But any DisplayLink certified device should work.

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How is performance? Is it up to usable levels yet? Last i checked it was absolutely terrible (as in, 2-5 FPS just displaying a 1080p desktop).

EDIT: this was on x86 Linux, but I’ve seen reports on the Asahi subreddit claiming that DisplayLink on Asahi also performs really bad.

It works absolutely fine for office use. Even glxgears was smooth. GNOME has some frame lag but its usable until we get official external display support. Don’t try and play games with it though :smiley:

I am using it on a 49" ultra-wide, 5120x1440 @ 70hz.

How can you install kernel headers and kernel source using dnf? I’ve got the kernel-headers package installed but running the installer says Unsatisfied dependencies. Missing component: Linux headers for running kernel

sudo dnf install kernel-devel

It’s already installed.
Package kernel-devel-6.5.4-403.asahi.fc38.aarch64 is already installed.

This is the error the display-link files gives me:
Unsatisfied dependencies. Missing component: Linux headers for running kernel, 6.5.4-403.asahi.fc38.aarch64+16k. This is a fatal error, cannot install DisplayLink Linux Software.

Does this have something to do with the +16k at the end?

kernel-16k-devel is the correct package.


It worked. Thanks a lot. I had to additionally install libdrm.

I tried it out using an Asus ZenScreen, which falls back to DisplayLink when DP alt mode is unavailable. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the monitor to display anything and having the driver installed broke desktop hardware acceleration completely.

However I’m using Sway which has terrible support for multiple GPUs and I had no fewer than five different /dev/dri/cardX devices. I guess Sway picked the wrong one. The takeaway is that DisplayLink probably won’t work very well as a workaround for anyone using Sway.

That’s a bummer. Obviously not the same thing as Sway, but I am using PaperWM extension on GNOME to give me some kind of tiling support :slight_smile:

Hello Guys,

I am using the fedora 39 KDE plasma with the macbook pro m1, I have a lenovo docker station, I tried with the displaylink, but without success, anyone know how can I make it work?

Seems your dock is DisplayLink ready, what have you tried so far?

The same thing that you.

not sure how do a troubleshoot.

My dock is not compatible :/.

Just for consult: S/N: ZKW2l586


Is it possible to use DisplayLink while the MBP is closed? (clamshell mode)

Video output is the main functionality I’m missing for Asahi to become my daily driver, most days my MBP remains shut and I just use an external monitor as the sole display.

If clamshell mode works, then DisplayLink seems like a great temporary solution.

Yes I was using my Mac Air with the lid closed connected to the display link dock

Thanks @scidoner

Bought a StarTech.com displaylink adapter (USB32DP24K60)

Setup as follows:

Run updates for good measure:

sudo dnf update

Install required packages (I think this is everything)

sudo dnf install libdrm libdrm-devel kernel-16k-devel dkms kernel-headers

Reboot for good measure

Download the ZIP from https://www.synaptics.com/products/displaylink-graphics/downloads/ubuntu-5.8?filetype=exe

Extract the ZIP

Within the extracted folder make the installer executable:

chmod +x displaylink-driver-5.8.0-63.33.run

Run the installer

sudo ./displaylink-driver-5.8.0-63.33.run


After reboot, once logged in, you should be able to connect your display.

It’s working pretty smoothly for me, including running in clamshell mode.

Should be good for day to day work. Animations of the GNOME shell and other large screen changes seem a little choppy, but I think that’s because of DisplayLink limitations at this resolution rather than anything else. Lower resolutions should be more fluid as there will be less data going down the pipe.

This will be a great temporary solution until display output on the MBPs is added to Asahi, I’m going to start daily driving this now!

Process is spot on there mate, and you are correct, it is a great temp solution!

You may get slightly better performance with the shell by swapping to a solid colour wallpaper, but other than that, you are right as well, DisplayLink is incapable of processing those screen changes smoothly.

Run glxgears to make yourself feel better :smiley:

Hey, I am having the same result as you: systemd service is active and running with the same log messages. However, I don’t know whether my hub is compatible or not, and I don’t know how to check it. Do you have more piece of information on how you got that yours is incompatible?

you can check it here: