Communishift is now available

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Long time after first announcement of this Fedora hosted OpenShift for community we are finally able to say that it’s available. It took us (Fedora Infrastructure Team) a long time to get over all the legal issues of hosting this in Fedora Infrastructure, but we were finally able to solve all those issues.

Communishift is made mainly for hosting containerized projects related to Fedora, but not ready for infrastructure deployment yet. For example you have a neat idea for service that will help Fedora and need to test it something. Or you want to try a testing deployment for something you already have at hand, but it was never deployed in OpenShift. If you don’t meet any of those, feel free to request the communishift project anyway and we will look at the request individually.

How to request a project in Communishift

To request a new namespace in Communishift go to Fedora Infrastructure ticket tracker, open a new issue and use communishift template (look at the Types field) and fill it in.


  • Projects needs to be related to Fedora in some way
  • Projects will be deleted every Fedora Linux release (6 months)
  • There is a default quota for each project

Additional information

If you are looking for additional information about Communishift, please check out our user documentation. In case you have any question feel free to ask it in Fedora Infrastructure matrix room or create a discussion thread on

Photo by Power Lai on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory. CC BY-SA 4.0.


This is amazing! Thank you for all of your effort in pushing this through.

  • Projects will be deleted every Fedora Linux release (6 months)

Can you elaborate on this? I see the wisdom in not building up cruft… but it also seems quite aggressive. Does this mean that if I start a project now, it will be deleted in less than 6 weeks when Fedora Linux 40 is released?

The docs suggest that an infra ticket can be filed to ask for a longer life — what are the criteria for granting such a request? Will this be for something like “another 6 months”, or just “3 week extension”, or could it be “please let this one stay”?

Is there a process for “promoting” something from Communishift to Fedora’s Production OpenShift?

And finally, is there some way someone can find another 8 hours a week I could use to work on my idea for a Fedora Message Bus → knative function-as-a-service bridge? :classic_smiley:

We will skip the F40 release as it’s so close and we don’t have the process in place.

It will be skipped in next Fedora release cleaning and it needs to be requested again for next one. It is mainly to clean the test projects people will create and abandon.

I don’t think we have any process documented for now, but it will be the same as requesting a new project in Fedora. You can just now show us that your application is working in Communishift and it’s useful for Fedora.

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