Council meeting agenda: 2022-10-26

Wow, it’s been a while! Here’s the agenda for the Council meeting 2022-10-26T14:00:00Z in #fedora-meeting.


Looking forward to my first one back in a while. :grinning:

Minutes and full logs are available in Meetbot.


  • Registration is open for the F37 Release Party
  • We’re okay with creating a council space in GitLab and Justin can name his FCAIC repo at his discretion
  • The proposal to move the council-private mailing list is tabled indefinitely
  • Matthew published historical notes for reference, which will be live on the Docs site soon (perhaps by the time you read this!)

Action items

  • @jflory7 to file ticket to create council name space in gitlab
  • @mattdm to post strategic plan discussion threads
  • @jflory7 Follow up with riecatnor on moving forward with Council CoC-related tickets
  • @jflory7 Put together a draft for the Fedora/Red Hat relationship (#388) and share back to Council after U.S. Thanksgiving

This is now done!

I also created by repository and will start experimenting with it as a tool over the next week.

We did have a chance to check in on this, and we agreed that @riecatnor can stay assigned to the Code of Conduct tickets. I will co-own this as FCAIC with her as she transitions into her new role.

Stay tuned… :grinning: Or give me feedback here: