Commblog post idea: Let no cookies go waste!

F32 will be released soon, and all the cookies that community members have not used to thank their colleagues will go waste! What do we think of a short article that:

  • informs folks of cookies on IRC
  • encourages folks to use their cookies to show their support for fellow community members in the F31 cycle (before F32 is released)

Great idea! Are you wanting to write it or just throwing it out there for someone else to take?

This is a nice idea. I think folks who have been around for a while are familiar with karma cookies. But given the increased use on Telegram bridges, a post that explicitly reminds folks (particularly newer contributors) about karma cookies would be a nice idea.

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It should be an easy post, so if someone can write it up, that’d be nice. I’m low on cycles at the moment.

@nasirhm: would you be upset if I threw another task your way? :wink:

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I was going to suggest, this would be an excellent “easyfix” task to share with the Join SIG. :smiley:

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Afterthought: can karma cookies be given using private conversations with zodbot? If so, we should suggest this as the way of going about it. Otherwise everyone giving cookies would increase channel noise (not that I mind, but that’ll hamper communication on channels).

I don’t think so but it’s been a couple years since I tried. But maybe we could redirect folks to #fedora-join for that too, since I don’t think the karma cookie noise is as obnoxious there.