2024-05-28 Community Operations Matrix meeting summary

Hi folks! :wave: This is a (late) summary of the Community Ops team meeting held on 28 May 2024. Although that was two weeks ago, I wanted to still post the meeting recap because we did a lot of excellent brainstorming on two important topics during that meeting:

  1. A retrospective on the Fedora Linux 40 Release Party. What worked well, what could be better, what limitations we know we have to work with.
  2. Brainstorming on the data dictionary. What are some terms we could load into the data dictionary to help us get it started? What would a good starting set of vocabulary?

You can more details on all of those topics below. We also had a A/V meeting today, which has updates directly on GitLab issues.

Meeting started by @jflory7:fedora.im at 14:01:12 UTC.

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Agenda (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)

  • INFO: (1) Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)
  • INFO: (2) Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)
  • INFO: (3) Initiative Lead updates to the team (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)
  • INFO: (4) Follow-ups from last meeting (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)
  • INFO: (5) Ticket-driven discussion (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)
  • INFO: (6) Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:41)

TOPIC:Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:01:46)

TOPIC:Team announcements & news (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:08:02)

TOPIC:Initiative Co-Lead updates to the team (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:15:30)

  • INFO: Stay tuned for CommOps Hack Sessions coming to a calendar near you. Hack Sessions are informal calls where you can hang out with your peers and work together on CommOps tasks or ask questions. There is no formal agenda and no requirement to stay for the full period. Come and go as you can. More details about exact timings to be shared soon on Fedora Discussion and Matrix. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:21:02)

  • INFO: One analytics goal for the next hack sessions will be to provide more data for use outside of the Fedora messaging bus, therefore making it easier to play around with using other data viz tools and libraries. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:22:44)

TOPIC:Ticket-driven discussion & notes (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:23:05)

TOPIC:#35 — Fedora Linux 40 Release Party planning & execution (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:23:31)

  • LINK: Fedora Linux 40 Release Party planning & execution (#35) · Issues · fedora / Community Operations / Home - Issues and Discussions · GitLab (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:23:41)

  • INFO: Retrospective on how things went! What worked well, what was difficult, what could be better for next time? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:25:08)

  • IDEA: Earlier start for communications. We got the word out too late. Early promotion and a more firm schedule earlier would be helpful. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:25:53)

  • IDEA: What worked well: “the backstage thing was nice to idle in with my camera off to avoid the youtube livestream lag” @carlwgeorge:matrix.org. the stream managed to handle justin losing power. restream seemed good. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:26:36)

  • IDEA: What didn’t go so well: heavy reliance on QR codes without links to manually type for those watching on their phones. Cookie bot spam. Stream lag. Embed in Element seems to be a Element client-specific experience. Restream freezing occasionally. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:27:11)

  • IDEA: Bring back hallway track! We did not have A/V for the hallway track / break sessions this time. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:29:13)

  • IDEA: BigBlueButton hosted by the GNOME Foundation worked decently for the social activity. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:30:11)

  • IDEA: Having many chat room moderators helped to manage the chat and Q&A. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:30:26)

  • IDEA: Owncast may land in Fedora before the next Release Party: GitHub - owncast/owncast: Take control over your live stream video by running it yourself. Streaming + chat out of the box. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:31:38)

  • IDEA: Pinned messages worked well, but not all clients show them in the same way, or even show them all. Are there alternative options for organizing key messages? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:33:02)

  • IDEA: Getting a chat bot to repeat messages at a regular interval could be useful (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:33:43)

  • IDEA: An event-specific Announcements chat room would make it easier for key messages to be shared with attendees, without them being buried in the backscroll. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:34:52)

  • IDEA: Interactivity was great, introductions were helpful! People who asked questions got answers. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:36:39)

  • IDEA: A doc to manage Q&A might be easier than using threads. (Etherpad integration with Matrix, maybe???) (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:37:01)

  • IDEA: A custom widget to help manage Q&A, allows attendees to upvote questions, and rank them automatically for a moderator. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:38:02)

  • IDEA: Organizers were keeping track of useful links to share them again later. A better way of managing key information for distribution among organizers and chat moderators? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:40:09)

TOPIC:#25 — 2024 Initiative Output - Community Social Analytics: Data Dictionary (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:42:37)

  • LINK: 2024 Initiative Output - Community Social Analytics: Data Dictionary (#25) · Issues · fedora / Community Operations / Home - Issues and Discussions · GitLab (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:42:44)

  • INFO: What are common terms we would like to see defined in a common way in Fedora? What are terms that people use, and may mean different things to different people? Can we come up with single definitions? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:46:43)

  • IDEA: Does “bug” and “issue” mean the same thing in Fedora, or are they different? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:50:03)

  • IDEA: Does Special Interest Group (SIG) and Working Group (WG) mean the same thing in Fedora, or are they different? (Different types, levels, and scopes of groups involved) (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:50:36)

  • IDEA: Grafana. How is Grafana used in Fedora and what is it used for? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:50:59)

  • IDEA: EPEL. What is EPEL, what is an EPEL contribution, who is an EPEL contributor? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:51:28)

  • LINK: TLC Trip Record Data - TLC (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:51:43)

  • IDEA: Fedora message bus. What happens on the bus? What is tracked there? What is NOT tracked there? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:53:01)

  • IDEA: Atomic Desktops. What is an Atomic Desktop? Can anything with rpm-ostree be an Atomic Desktop, or is there a threshold to meet for a desktop to be considered an Atomic Desktop? (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:53:34)

  • HALP: We could use YOUR help to start building this data dictionary on the Fedora Wiki. If you are interested, comment on the GitLab issue and work through the step-by-step guide. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:56:01)

TOPIC:Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 14:57:02)

Meeting ended at 15:00:44 UTC.

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