Change display contrast

Hi everyone, I have just installed Fedora 32 successfully. I have this issue where the display saturation is too high so colours are washed out. I have had this issue on other distros too and could never figure out how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to lower display saturation from in Fedora?

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Hello @harveyh, welcome.
my screen has some buttons to change settings (and colors). These buttons are hidden underside of the screen. Because you say your colors needed adjustment with other distros too, look into your hardware. One of this buttons allows me to change contrast.

Thanks for the response. This fix works on one of my monitors but the other doesn’t have the settings to fix the issue. Shouldn’t there be a way to adjust this within the OS since I don’t get this issue in Windows?

If it is a hardware issue you could try the manual ( In the BIOS of your computer should be a setting for contrast.
In (Gnome) Settings > Display> Night Light are some buttons to adjust the view.