Brightness cannot be set, colors too saturated

Dear all,

I have been using Fedora 33 on a Lenovo Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05H with GeForce RTX 2060 Mobile and Ryzen 7 4800h since last December, and there I encountered (like many other users) the problem that I could not get the brightness keys to work ever since.
I have tried many suggestions to fix this but it never worked. However, because it’s so long ago, I do not remember what I did.

Fast forward to now: I have upgraded to Fedora 34 and the brightness keys still do not work. In addition to this, the displayed colors are off, as in: too saturated. Most notably, green and red are very flashy.

I don’t know if these problems are related. However, I strongly suppose that at least the brightness problem can be fixed: if I boot from a Fedora34 USB drive, the brightness keys are working! I assume that I have changed some settings or files on Fedora33 and that these changes migrated to F34 upon upgrading.

Does anyone know which files/settings I could check out and change to fix this problem?

The first what you could do is to test, if a new user also get this problem. Just create a new user and give feedback.

There will be one of the files in ~/.local ~/.config or just a plain dot file in ~/ that sets the colors and other video attributes. I have a ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file that handles that for my nvidia card.

Also, in the gnome settings panel there is a color tab that allows setting the color profile for your monitor. Maybe that will help.

Hi, thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, that did not solve either of the problems