Can't open Thunderbird attachments

Does anyone else have this problem? I find that if I click on an attachment of any type in an email in Thunderbird it offers to open it with “System Handler”. If I click the drop down and select “Other…” I get two choices, “Help” and “Thunderbird”. Not much use when the attachment is an mp4 or csv file for instance. The only way I can access the attachment is to save it somewhere then open it with the appropriate application. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks, Ian

probably you run Thunderbird in a flatpak. So your Thunderbird does not see other applications installed on your system, it can see only apps inside its container.
I don’t know what can be a solution for this. May it is worthy to open an issue in repository for this flatpak.

Thanks @ph0zzy, you are right, I did install it as a flatpak from flathub, so I assumed it would all work. Opening an attachment is pretty basic functionality so I’m surprised that it doesn’t work, and even more surprised that nobody else seems to have the same problem! I was assuming it must be something to do with my installation, and that maybe I just need to tweak something or install a library or something. But having a look in the issues for TB may be a good start.
Thanks, Ian

I have the same issue. Always need to download the attachments via webmail to open it. :sweat_smile:

Well, a new version of Thunderbird was installed yesterday. Now I can’t save attachments from TB at all. It used to work (saving, that is) but now it doesn’t. It looks like it works, but nothing is actually saved. Now I have to use @jlelse 's trick, download using webmail.


An alternative fix, install Evolution. It works fine.

I prefer Thunderbird, but if it doesn’t work, wadddya gonna do?..