Can't cancel rpm-ostree "null" transaction

Using Fedora 32 SilverBlue

I’ve rebooted and rpm-ostree seems to be stuck executing a transaction that I cannot cancel:

$ sudo rpm-ostree status
State: busy
Initiator: client(id:gnome-software dbus:1.108 unit:gnome-launched-gnome-software-service.desktop-1880.scope uid:1000)

Any attempt at installing new packages or upgrading results in “error: Transaction in progress: (null)”. This started happening after installing a bunch of packages and then rebooting.

Anyone seen this and know how to proceed?

Hello @pbjez1,
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After an update, and every time you login to Gnome, Gnome Software will check rpm-ostree for updates and flatpak for updates. This sometimes takes a long time, but if you wait it will complete. If for some reason it is hung on doing this transaction, or querying the repo, you may try rpm-ostree cancel to stop pending transactions then try rpm-ostree cleanup -m and rpm-ostree cleanup -p to cleanup metatdata and pending deployments. Also rpm-ostree cleanup -b to clear the temporary files a transaction or transactions create.

Thanks @jakfrost, yes sorry I forgot to mention that rpm-ostree cancel just hangs indefinitely. It’s been up for more than 3 hours and busy the entire time, so I don’t think waiting it out will help.

All other rpm-ostree commands like cleanup just return error: Transaction in progress: (null).

I can move this topic to if that’s a more appropriate forum.

No that’s fine, we started here and we can continue here. If it is constantly in limbo like that I would suggest booting into your previous commit, and re-layering the packages you layered that caused this in the first place. I know it’s not ideal, but it will get you past this I think.

OK thanks … rolling back was what I hoped would be a last resort but will give it a shot.

I like to think of it as “Gee, I can just rollback to the working commit and fix this.” I am predisposed to positive thinking.

True, it beats a wipe and reinstall by a mile!

Looks like rollback is not a simple option either:

$ sudo rpm-ostree rollback 
error: Transaction in progress: (null)

I didn’t mean rollback I meant select the previous commit in the GRUB menu. Press any key at boot to get the menu then select the previous commit.

Restarting the rpm-ostreed service cancels the transaction:

sudo systemctl restart rpm-ostreed.service

You should also be able to ask rpm-ostree to cancel the current transaction with:

$ sudo rpm-ostree cancel

yeah tried that a while back and no go … restarting the service is the only thing I’ve found that works consistently.