Unfamiliar upgrade transaction

rpm-ostree was stuck on refresh md for over an hour which is not unusual but it took a while this time.

anyways now rpm-ostree is busy with :

Transaction: upgrade (download only)
Initiator: caller :x.xxx (have replaced the digits with x)

is this normal? who is initiator caller?

I would need some more explanation how this actually should work. I have a couple of issues with transactions that do not finish since the request was not a valid one and I’m actually unaware what my machine is doing with unresolvable requests, since they are popping up and there seems not to be any solution to get rid of them.

If for any reason you cannot wait until the active task to finish, you can always do:

sudo systemctl restart rpm-ostreed

To regain control.

If you want what rpm-ostreed is busy with, you can

sudo journalctl -ru rpm-ostreed

From journal, you can find out what the initiator is. Like:

client(id:gnome-software dbus:1.113 unit:app-gnome-gnome\x2dsoftware\x2dservice-1950.scope uid:1000) added; new total=1
Allowing active client :1.113 (uid 1000)

Sometimes, the mirror site chosen for the transaction is slow, or the transaction data volume is huge, so it might take longer to finish.

Sometimes, you might want to manually trigger the transaction in foreground to see what is happening by:

rpm-ostree update --check

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Doesn’t solve my problem, but good to know these commands! Thanks a lot. I’m slowly getting behind it.
The problem is that the Gnome software manager shows me that some installation has not finished, but I stopped the installation intensionally.

I installed Gvim and extensions, but then uninstalled Gvim since I installed it by mistake. Now it seems that rpm-Ostree still wants to install the extensions for a program that’s no more on my disk.

Of course it is not possible to finish the installation because the main program is missing. However, I am not getting this request canceled, for whatever reason…

Have you tried rpm-ostree cleanup -m for the repo metadata to be cleaned? This will often solve issues with rpm-ostree being stuck in a transaction. The -b option would remove temporary files, and -p will cancel pending deployments.

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Thanks. Problem is solved.

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