Rpm-ostree status displayed "transaction : new deployment"

Fresh Silverblue install , I start by enabling flathub on the system and install some flatpaks. When I run “rpm-ostree status” it shows “state: busy , transaction: new-deployment”
I’ve seen this on few previous fresh installs before. What exactly does “new deployment” transaction mean? Usually it displays “upgrade” or “upgrade(check only)”
As far as I have tried this transaction won’t cancel either , it’ll get stuck in that state until I reboot and run rpm-ostree update manually.
The initiator for the transaction was gnome software.

That appears to be a placeholder before a specific title is set later on:

/* We should be able to loop through the options and determine the exact transaction
 * title earlier in the path here as well, but that would duplicate a lot of the work that
 * needs to happen anyway in `deploy_transaction_execute()`. Set the transaction title as
 * "new-deployment" for now so that at least we don't print a spurious "null" transaction
 * if a new transaction is attempted before this transaction actually executes.
 * The proper transaction title will be updated later in the path. */
rpmostreed_sysroot_set_txn_and_title (rsysroot, transaction, "new-deployment");

It should only be visible for a short time, so it definitely sounds like something is getting stuck.

Just a wild guess, but this could have something to do with Software layering a langpack on first run, which is the only time it ever layers anything (AFAIK). The bug could even be specific to your locale’s langpack, which might explain why you’ve seen it multiple times without widespread reports from others.

What is your LANG?

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I select the default launguage during installation (which I assume is en-us)
Note that my internet has issues a lot of times and is pretty slow.
But I’ve seen this issue repeat itself even on a faster and much more stable internet connection although very rarely.
would this cause any issues further down the line , because I rebooted the system as the transaction won’t cancel.

Here’s a result of ostree refs for the layered gnome software packages




rpmostree/pkg/liberation-sans-fonts/1_3A2.1.5-7. fc39.noarch

rpmostree/pkg/liberation-serif-fonts/1_3A2.1.5-7. fc39.noarch

I’m guessing it’s most likely my poor internet connection and gnome software failing to layer the packages because I hit some slow speed mirror

I also encounter this.

It seems an auto update is being done.

Once it is done, a new deployment is added and once reboot, it is activated.