Cannot play *any* videos after upgrading to Fedora 35 anymore without Bluetooth headset?

I upgraded from Fedora Silverblue 34 to Fedora Silverblue 35 and then used the simplified packages to keep rpm-fusion stuff on the next upgrade, hopefully.

What does not work

However, now I cannot play any videos at all. Tried with:

  • layered Firefox and multiple websites, including YouTube
  • what’s worse, even the Flatpak-version of Firefox (which AFAIK includes all codecs) does not work! Also tried with Netflix here.
  • I even tried Tor Browser installed via Tor Browser Launcher via flatpak. Did not work.
  • And I also tried the a Ungoogled Chromium installed via flatpak.

What’s funny is that I can sometimes see the first 1-2s being played and I can always skip to some part of the video and it shows me the correct screen, it just does not play.

Local tries:

  • what’s worse, I then tried a local mp4 file with – according to Nautilus – H.264 (Constrained Baseline Profile) video and MPEG-4 AAC audio. It also could not be played with the same result. I can jump and see single frames, but it won’t play.
  • I then tried VLC from flatpak and this finally could play the video, but I did not hear any sound.
    So I noticed that also the GNOME sound settings will show me the laptop speakers as wanted. However, when I press the test buttons, I can hear nothing.

So actually audio seems to be the problem and not video!

The crazy “solution” (not actually one)

Note I also have aptX support installed from rpmfusion and strangely did not need to uninstall/remove it during upgrade.

So, however, when I connect my Bluetooth headset, everything works again. In VLC I can hear sound and all videos in Totem and the browser play without any problem. :laughing:
That’s soo crazy.


I do have all packages layered from rpm-fusion that I know of that are/were needed.

$ rpm-ostree status -v
State: busy
AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: no runs since boot
Transaction: upgrade (download only)
  Initiator: client(id:gnome-software dbus:1.112 unit:app-gnome-gnome\x2dsoftware\x2dservice-2630.scope uid:1000)
● fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue
                   Version: 35.20211116.0 (2021-11-16T16:10:17Z)
                BaseCommit: e4e8ccd21ff3774df1aa44557beaafde077672f8f2308b096baf89ff19eb3a2a
                            ├─ repo-0 (2021-10-26T05:31:27Z)
                            ├─ repo-1 (2021-11-16T15:45:05Z)
                            └─ repo-2 (2021-11-16T15:47:19Z)
                    Commit: db23e4bcb82a1fad08fc37490ca22973ee0e8b1dc25abf2854051b1e3c340cdb
                            ├─ fedora (2021-10-29T10:17:40Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free (2021-10-23T21:56:55Z)
                            ├─ fedora-cisco-openh264 (2021-09-21T18:07:30Z)
                            ├─ updates (2021-11-16T16:27:23Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free-updates (2021-11-14T20:59:55Z)
                            └─ updates-archive (2021-11-16T16:58:23Z)
                    Staged: no
                 StateRoot: fedora
              GPGSignature: 1 signature
                            Signature made Di 16 Nov 2021 17:10:26 CET using RSA key ID DB4639719867C58F
                            Good signature from "Fedora <>"
       RemovedBasePackages: pipewire-pulseaudio 0.3.40-1.fc35
           LayeredPackages: httpie git keepassxc gtkhash-nautilus sushi heimdall git-subtree firewall-config
                            podman-compose tldr simple-scan rpmfusion-free-release nextcloud-client htop dconf-editor
                            gnome-tweaks adb nvme-cli openssl nautilus-image-converter mozilla-openh264
                            gstreamer1-plugin-openh264 git-credential-libsecret smartmontools zsh
                            nextcloud-client-nautilus compat-ffmpeg28 lshw kid3


Lenovo Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ARE05
Fedora Linux 35.20211116.0 (Silverblue)
AMD® Ryzen 7 4800u with radeon graphics × 16

More debugging

I manually neeeded to enable the plugin for OpenH264 in about:addons in Firefox and could double-check in about:plugins that it is installed. This did not solve anything. shows mostly ticks:


I see a similar report here, however, that seems to be a simple one, because the flatpak Firefox does work there.

aptX HD

So aptX is clearly used for the Bluetooth connection:


It is not listed as a LayeredPackages though, which is surprising (see rpm-ostree output above).

And I cannot uninstall it:

$ rpm-ostree override reset pulseaudio-module-bluetooth --uninstall pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld
error: Package/capability 'pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld' is not currently requested

I just see now that I can install it:

$ rpm-ostree install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld
Checking out tree e4e8ccd... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora rpmfusion-free fedora-cisco-openh264 updates rpmfusion-free-updates updates-archive
Updating metadata for 'fedora'... done
Updating metadata for 'rpmfusion-free'... done
Updating metadata for 'fedora-cisco-openh264'... done
Updating metadata for 'updates'... done
Updating metadata for 'rpmfusion-free-updates'... done
Updating metadata for 'updates-archive'... done
Importing rpm-md... done
rpm-md repo 'fedora'; generated: 2021-10-29T10:17:40Z solvables: 65732
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-free'; generated: 2021-10-23T21:56:55Z solvables: 521
rpm-md repo 'fedora-cisco-openh264'; generated: 2021-09-21T18:07:30Z solvables: 4
rpm-md repo 'updates'; generated: 2021-11-20T00:59:50Z solvables: 10624
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-free-updates'; generated: 2021-11-14T20:59:55Z solvables: 49
rpm-md repo 'updates-archive'; generated: 2021-11-20T01:23:39Z solvables: 10017
Resolving dependencies... done
Applying 1 override and 172 overlays
Processing packages... done
Running pre scripts... done
Running post scripts... done
Running posttrans scripts... done
Writing rpmdb... done
Writing OSTree commit... done
Staging deployment... done
Freed: 3,5 GB (pkgcache branches: 169)
  breeze-icon-theme 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-filesystem 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-karchive 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kauth 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kbookmarks 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kcodecs 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kcompletion 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kconfig-core 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kconfig-gui 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kconfigwidgets 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kcoreaddons 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kcrash 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kdbusaddons 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kdoctools 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kglobalaccel 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kglobalaccel-libs 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kguiaddons 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-ki18n 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kiconthemes 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kinit 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-core 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-core-libs 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-doc 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-file-widgets 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-gui 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-ntlm 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-widgets 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kio-widgets-libs 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kitemviews 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kjobwidgets 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-knotifications 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kservice 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-ktextwidgets 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kwallet 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kwallet-libs 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kwidgetsaddons 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kwindowsystem 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-kxmlgui 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-solid 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-sonnet-core 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  kf5-sonnet-ui 5.87.0-1.fc35 -> 5.88.0-1.fc35
  qt5-qttools-common 5.15.2-7.fc35 -> 5.15.2-8.fc35
  qt5-qttools-libs-designer 5.15.2-7.fc35 -> 5.15.2-8.fc35
Changes queued for next boot. Run "systemctl reboot" to start a reboot

But then this happens:

$ rpm-ostree override remove pulseaudio-module-bluetooth --install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld
error: Package/capability 'pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld' is already requested

Edit: And after rebooting, I see this also does not help. :sweat_smile:

The same is happening on “plain” Fedora 35 desktop.

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@copperi Do you also have aptX support/codecs installed from rpmfusion or what is the reason for you?

Now cross-posted this to Ask Fedora as I guess this is the proper support forum – I always get confused, especially as here are more Silverblue questions…

Ugh wtf, the latest SIlverblue upgrade broke my setup again? I can connect Bluetooth flawlessly, but it does not appear in the audio settings as an input nor output device. I just don’t know why and I don’t wanna try a rollback as the update included FIrefox and Firefox does not like downgrades very much (it refuses to load the profile then)…

So uhm, here are the affected versions:

$ rpm-ostree status -v
State: idle
AutomaticUpdates: stage; rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer: no runs since boot
● fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue
                   Version: 35.20220217.0 (2022-02-17T02:42:26Z)
                BaseCommit: 032a54c9c6d3d0aa348ae5a43e2f69465a63a96db84e6aaa4984ab55c06c15e7
                            ├─ repo-0 (2021-10-26T05:31:27Z)
                            ├─ repo-1 (2022-02-17T02:12:57Z)
                            └─ repo-2 (2022-02-17T02:16:46Z)
                    Commit: ca0077a97b8f1b98777f0d4135eaf24eae70993a226f65cae1559198d3cc6b6b
                            ├─ fedora (2021-10-26T05:31:27Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free (2021-10-23T21:56:55Z)
                            ├─ fedora-cisco-openh264 (2021-09-21T18:07:30Z)
                            ├─ updates (2022-02-17T03:00:02Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free-updates (2022-02-17T14:41:01Z)
                            └─ updates-archive (2022-02-17T04:13:43Z)
                    Staged: no
                 StateRoot: fedora
              GPGSignature: 1 signature
                            Signature made Do 17 Feb 2022 03:42:34 CET using RSA key ID DB4639719867C58F
                            Good signature from "Fedora <>"
       RemovedBasePackages: pipewire-pulseaudio 0.3.45-2.fc35 wireplumber 0.4.8-1.fc35
           LayeredPackages: […]

                   Version: 35.20220206.0 (2022-02-06T01:35:58Z)
                BaseCommit: b7d6a39e03171677c3941b4eed31ed1ff732ab7dcf6f703fc765d65345271bcf
                            ├─ repo-0 (2021-10-26T05:31:27Z)
                            ├─ repo-1 (2022-02-06T01:03:18Z)
                            └─ repo-2 (2022-02-06T01:08:21Z)
                    Commit: a15ba835c246cfda0ffdfab8f2bafec4a6f55ec62197c1849cd0a5b265c2293d
                            ├─ fedora (2021-10-26T05:31:27Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free (2021-10-23T21:56:55Z)
                            ├─ fedora-cisco-openh264 (2021-09-21T18:07:30Z)
                            ├─ updates (2022-02-06T01:54:06Z)
                            ├─ rpmfusion-free-updates (2022-02-05T18:25:08Z)
                            └─ updates-archive (2022-02-06T03:15:40Z)
                 StateRoot: fedora
              GPGSignature: 1 signature
                            Signature made So 06 Feb 2022 02:36:08 CET using RSA key ID DB4639719867C58F
                            Good signature from "Fedora <>"
       RemovedBasePackages: pipewire-pulseaudio 0.3.45-1.fc35 wireplumber 0.4.7-2.fc35
           LayeredPackages: […]

And here is the diff, which is unfortunately quite large as I did not restart my device a lot recently, I am sorry… :expressionless:

$ rpm-ostree db diff a15ba835c246cfda0ffdfab8f2bafec4a6f55ec62197c1849cd0a5b265c2293d ca0077a97b8f1b98777f0d4135eaf24eae70993a226f65cae1559198d3cc6b6b 
ostree diff commit from: a15ba835c246cfda0ffdfab8f2bafec4a6f55ec62197c1849cd0a5b265c2293d
ostree diff commit to:   ca0077a97b8f1b98777f0d4135eaf24eae70993a226f65cae1559198d3cc6b6b
  ImageMagick 1: -> 1:
  ImageMagick-libs 1: -> 1:
  bolt 0.9.1-4.fc35 -> 0.9.2-1.fc35
  btrfs-progs 5.15.1-1.fc35 -> 5.16.1-1.fc35
  containernetworking-plugins 1.0.1-3.fc35 -> 1.0.1-4.fc35
  containers-common 4:1-32.fc35 -> 4:1-41.fc35
  cpp 11.2.1-7.fc35 -> 11.2.1-9.fc35
  distribution-gpg-keys 1.62-1.fc35 -> 1.64-1.fc35
  evolution-data-server 3.42.3-1.fc35 -> 3.42.4-1.fc35
  evolution-data-server-langpacks 3.42.3-1.fc35 -> 3.42.4-1.fc35
  expat 2.4.3-1.fc35 -> 2.4.4-1.fc35
  firefox 96.0.3-1.fc35 -> 97.0-1.fc35
  freerdp-libs 2:2.4.1-1.fc35 -> 2:2.5.0-1.fc35
  fwupd 1.7.4-1.fc35 -> 1.7.5-1.fc35
  fwupd-plugin-flashrom 1.7.4-1.fc35 -> 1.7.5-1.fc35
  fwupd-plugin-modem-manager 1.7.4-1.fc35 -> 1.7.5-1.fc35
  fwupd-plugin-uefi-capsule-data 1.7.4-1.fc35 -> 1.7.5-1.fc35
  gcc 11.2.1-7.fc35 -> 11.2.1-9.fc35
  git 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  git-core 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  git-core-doc 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  git-credential-libsecret 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  git-subtree 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  gjs 1.70.0-3.fc35 -> 1.70.1-1.fc35
  glib2 2.70.3-2.fc35 -> 2.70.4-1.fc35
  gnome-classic-session 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-control-center 41.2-1.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  gnome-control-center-filesystem 41.2-1.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  gnome-shell 41.3-1.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-apps-menu 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-common 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-launch-new-instance 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-places-menu 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-user-theme 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-shell-extension-window-list 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  gnome-software 41.3-2.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  gnome-software-rpm-ostree 41.3-2.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  ibus-typing-booster 2.15.15-1.fc35 -> 2.15.16-1.fc35
  iwl100-firmware ->
  iwl1000-firmware 1: -> 1:
  iwl105-firmware ->
  iwl135-firmware ->
  iwl2000-firmware ->
  iwl2030-firmware ->
  iwl3160-firmware 1: -> 1:
  iwl3945-firmware ->
  iwl4965-firmware ->
  iwl5000-firmware ->
  iwl5150-firmware ->
  iwl6000-firmware ->
  iwl6000g2a-firmware ->
  iwl6000g2b-firmware ->
  iwl6050-firmware ->
  iwl7260-firmware 1: -> 1:
  iwlax2xx-firmware 20211216-127.fc35 -> 20220209-129.fc35
  kernel 5.16.5-200.fc35 -> 5.16.9-200.fc35
  kernel-core 5.16.5-200.fc35 -> 5.16.9-200.fc35
  kernel-devel 5.16.5-200.fc35 -> 5.16.9-200.fc35
  kernel-modules 5.16.5-200.fc35 -> 5.16.9-200.fc35
  kernel-modules-extra 5.16.5-200.fc35 -> 5.16.9-200.fc35
  libblkid 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  libcanberra 0.30-26.fc35 -> 0.30-27.fc35
  libcanberra-gtk2 0.30-26.fc35 -> 0.30-27.fc35
  libcanberra-gtk3 0.30-26.fc35 -> 0.30-27.fc35
  libertas-sd8686-firmware 20211216-127.fc35 -> 20220209-129.fc35
  libertas-sd8787-firmware 20211216-127.fc35 -> 20220209-129.fc35
  libertas-usb8388-firmware 2:20211216-127.fc35 -> 2:20220209-129.fc35
  libfdisk 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  libgcc 11.2.1-7.fc35 -> 11.2.1-9.fc35
  libgomp 11.2.1-7.fc35 -> 11.2.1-9.fc35
  libical 3.0.13-1.fc35 -> 3.0.14-1.fc35
  libical-glib 3.0.13-1.fc35 -> 3.0.14-1.fc35
  libmodulemd 2.13.0-3.fc35 -> 2.14.0-1.fc35
  libmount 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  libsmartcols 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  libstdc++ 11.2.1-7.fc35 -> 11.2.1-9.fc35
  libuuid 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  libwacom 1.12.1-1.fc35 -> 1.12.1-2.fc35
  libwacom-data 1.12.1-1.fc35 -> 1.12.1-2.fc35
  libwinpr 2:2.4.1-1.fc35 -> 2:2.5.0-1.fc35
  linux-firmware 20211216-127.fc35 -> 20220209-129.fc35
  linux-firmware-whence 20211216-127.fc35 -> 20220209-129.fc35
  lua-libs 5.4.3-4.fc35 -> 5.4.4-1.fc35
  mesa-dri-drivers 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-filesystem 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-libEGL 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-libGL 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-libgbm 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-libglapi 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-libxatracker 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  mesa-vulkan-drivers 21.3.5-1.fc35 -> 21.3.6-1.fc35
  microcode_ctl 2:2.1-47.fc35 -> 2:2.1-47.1.fc35
  mutter 41.3-1.fc35 -> 41.4-1.fc35
  nspr 4.32.0-4.fc35 -> 4.32.0-5.fc35
  nss 3.73.0-1.fc35 -> 3.75.0-1.fc35
  nss-softokn 3.73.0-1.fc35 -> 3.75.0-1.fc35
  nss-softokn-freebl 3.73.0-1.fc35 -> 3.75.0-1.fc35
  nss-sysinit 3.73.0-1.fc35 -> 3.75.0-1.fc35
  nss-util 3.73.0-1.fc35 -> 3.75.0-1.fc35
  openvpn 2.5.5-2.fc35 -> 2.5.5-3.fc35
  orca 41.1-1.fc35 -> 41.2-1.fc35
  pango 1.50.3-1.fc35 -> 1.50.4-1.fc35
  perl-Git 2.34.1-1.fc35 -> 2.35.1-1.fc35
  pipewire 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  pipewire-alsa 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  pipewire-gstreamer 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  pipewire-libs 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  pipewire-utils 0.3.45-1.fc35 -> 0.3.45-2.fc35
  protobuf 3.14.0-6.fc35 -> 3.14.0-7.fc35
  python3-regex 2021.11.10-1.fc35 -> 2022.1.18-1.fc35
  qemu-guest-agent 2:6.1.0-10.fc35 -> 2:6.1.0-14.fc35
  qgnomeplatform 0.8.4-3.fc35 -> 0.8.4-4.fc35
  qt5-qtwayland 5.15.2-17.fc35 -> 5.15.2-18.fc35
  rpm-ostree 2022.1-2.fc35 -> 2022.2-1.fc35
  rpm-ostree-libs 2022.1-2.fc35 -> 2022.2-1.fc35
  selinux-policy 35.13-1.fc35 -> 35.15-1.fc35
  selinux-policy-targeted 35.13-1.fc35 -> 35.15-1.fc35
  util-linux 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  util-linux-core 2.37.3-1.fc35 -> 2.37.4-1.fc35
  vim-data 2:8.2.4232-1.fc35 -> 2:8.2.4386-1.fc35
  vim-minimal 2:8.2.4232-1.fc35 -> 2:8.2.4386-1.fc35
  webkit2gtk3 2.34.4-2.fc35 -> 2.34.5-1.fc35
  webkit2gtk3-jsc 2.34.4-2.fc35 -> 2.34.5-1.fc35
  wireplumber-libs 0.4.7-2.fc35 -> 0.4.8-1.fc35
  zsh 5.8-6.fc35 -> 5.8.1-1.fc35

Oh nevermind… rebooting (into the same deployment) did actually work? Crazy… :thinking: