Video playback randomly stops working, audio stops working with it system-wide


I noticed that since I upgraded to fedora 35, now video playback stops working almost system-wide from time to time. I say almost system wide because VLC still plays video, but gnome video doesn’t, and neither youtube nor imgur in Firefox (not even mentioning other browser, with which I can recreate this issue at will by just opening youtube on chrome for instance) can play videos either when it happens. This kills audio system-wide though, with even VLC not being able to reproduce sound,same for rythmbox. After logging out and in again, all my audio input/output are gone, and replaced by a single dummy output. I have to reboot every time it happens to get it work again.

I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this. Thanks in advance for any help!

If it can help this is happening on a t14 AMD thinkpad.

edit : bluetooth seems to trigger this problem too, I had something connect automatically to the bluetooth and had the same issue again even though I had just restarted …

Are you using Silverblue too, as in the link you attached?

Hi! Nope, am on regular Fedora 35.

Crossing here, since the other thread is about Silverblue.

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Ha yes, I was about to do that, thanks again Grumpey!

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