Every media encoding/decoding functionality fails after upgrading to kernel 6.4.13

Hi all,

After upgrading to kernel 6.4.13, none of the media-encoding/decoding-related functionality worked. Basically,

  • Lightworks crashed on opening a video project
  • Kdenlive crashed on launch
  • VLC failed to launch
  • Chrome/Firefox refused to play any online videos

I am running an Nvidia card and NVIDIA X Server Settings launched fine. Booted with 6.4.12 and everything started working again.

Any idea what might have gone wrong? Or where I could find logs to diagnose and report the issue? Many thanks.

OK today’s update to 6.4.14 fixed the issue. So seems 6.4.13 has been a broken release, at least on my setup.

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Stopped working again today… :frowning: It seems unrelated to the kernel version

But when I checked the system monitor, I found that wireplumber was somehow stuck at 6-7% of CPU usage, which seemed abnormal as I wasn’t playing anything, and I have a decent i5 12600K.

I searched online and came across this and this thread, and pipewire (w/ wireplumber) seemed to be the culprit here. I killed the wireplumber, pipewire, and pipewire-pulse processes in the monitor, and things started working again. :slight_smile:

If I may ask, what does this command do: sudo dnf swap --allowerasing pulseaudio pipewire-pulseaudio? It seems pipewire audio fails occasionally. Would this command fix it?

This switches back to pulseaudio, it’s possible that this could resolve the issue.

If you haven’t already when this occurs you may want to check:
systemctl status --user pipewire wireplumber
journalctl -b --user -u pipewire -u wireplumber
You can add --no-pager to the above commands if that makes it easier to copy/paste or upload to a pastebin.

You can find the list upstream issues for wireplumber and pipewire here, Issues · PipeWire · GitLab

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