Can you downgrade only a subset of rpm-ostree packages or two an intermediary version?


I have recently done an rpm-ostree upgrade from Fedora Silverblue v35.20220206.0 (2022-02-06T01:35:58Z) to 35.20220217.0 (2022-02-17T02:42:26Z).
And yeah, I am sorry, that was quite much time.

Now, unfortunately, my Bluetooth headset does not work with that version anymore (see the linked other thread for more information on that).
So, what I now would like to do is downgrade to a stable working version. After all, that’s (one reason) why I have Silverblue…

I just don’t know wanna try a rollback right now, as the update included FIrefox and Firefox does not like downgrades very much (it refuses to load the profile then)… And the profile is of course kept on rollback/downgrade, which is generally okay, in this case it is not…

Wanted solution

So how can I thus…

  • either downgrade/rollback all packages except Firefox? Or respectively, rollback everything and then upgrade all packages except Firefox?
  • or can I possible just switch/rollback to a (BaseCommit?) version between the old and new update/deployment I have. I wanna rollback some rpm-ostree/Silverblue base image versions, so I find/have one that does not contain the Firefox (and possibly the audio output breaking one) update, but at least many other ones?
    This could also be useful for debugging, e.g. to find out which package/upgrade is actually causing this issue…

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As a workaround, you could temporarily switch to the flatpak version of firefox. This would allow you to rollback the update and still have the latest firefox until the issue is resolved.

The culprit here is likely the kernel. I would try overriding that one first to test.