Some Feedback and some questions


Hello everyone. I’ve been using Fedora Silverblue for a day and found it extremely amazing. rpm-ostree is awesome. It was my dream to use a “git” styled package manager when I started Linux( fedora) seven years ago.

Anyways, so far I can see, rpm-ostree creates and switches an entirely new branch(Using git checkout?) whenever I install a new package into the system. Though I wished to have new commits instead of branches of a single deployment (on updates and new additions) with beta and rawhide branches(whenever available) so whenever something get’s wrong I can easily roll back to its previous state and sometimes git reset --hard too. :wink: Using rpm-ostree ex livefs is experimental but I’m using it because it’s extremely important. When I first install it, I got tired of rebooting.

Anyway, I have few questions.

  • How can I delete Mozilla Firefox? I don’t use Firefox and it’s my own personal opinion that I consider it as “linux bloatware” that comes pre-installed with every distributions I have heard of. There are lot of reasons why I call that but I don’t want to elaborate. Open source should be a matter of choice.
  • How can I enable automatic updates to my current deployment which is workstation desktop? The advantage of container/git based updates means anyone can roll back. I can’t find anything about it in man pages of rpm-ostree


# rpm-ostree override remove firefox

There should be information in man rpm-ostreed-automatic, but looking on my own Silverblue system that man page is missing…which is wrong. Anyways, here’s the source to the man page:

Or you can review a post I did about enabling automatic updates; it might be a little out dated, but should give you a place to start:


As a side note, IIRC there are still some issues of changes to /etc being discarded if an upgrade has occurred but the system hasn’t been rebooted yet. Might be something to watch for if you go automatic (not sure if it still applies).


That problem should be addressed now with “staged deployments”


Thanks alot. I needed this. :slight_smile:

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Nice post. Btw if I enable auto upgrades, do I still need to reboot?
Edit : Got the answer from your post. I see that is experimental.