Switch from dnf/yum to rpm-ostree without reinstalling

I’ve installed rpm-ostree and libostree but when I do
rpm-ostree upgrade
I get
error: This system was not booted via libostree; cannot operate
can I mount the system with libostree ?
Thanks, Rob.

Can you explain what you are trying to do here?

Are you trying to convert an existing install from Fedora to Silverblue? If so, I am not sure that is practical. It isn’t just a different package manager it is a fundamentally different system.

I just want to use rpm-ostree to easily rollback after smth package(s) go wrong after an update.

You can’t just use rpm-ostree to manage packages on Fedora. It doesn’t work that way.

Silverblue is a different OS than the normal Fedora at a fairly fundamental level because it is based on os-tree. I think you would have to reinstall.

That being said, you should also realize that there are a lot of trade-offs with a Silverblue installation if you are considering moving in that direction.

Lastly, have you looked at dnf history and the rollbacks it offers?

yes I’ve used dnf-history few times