OS-tree and Fedora 36

Hey all!

I updated my desktop today and realized that Fedora 36 pulled os-tree! I don’t remember installing it myself, so I suppose it’s standard.

I thought os-tree was for Silverblue only. How should/could I use os-tree on my Fedora 36 installation that would be beneficial?

Thank you!

Hi @bhibb ,

You have to differ between ostree and rpm-ostree, which are different packages (plus ostree-libs, which is another package).

rpm-ostree is used on Silverblue instead of dnf. rpm-ostree itself depends on ostree. But ostree is also on the normal Fedora release a potential dependency for other packages. It is a flexible tool/lib that can be used for multiple purposes. It is not limited to the rpm-ostree use case.

Do you use flatpak in some way? That depends on the ostree capabilities as well, but of course ostree might be used in other applications, too.

This contains some details & examples:


This was a very helpful explanation. Thank you. I do use flatpaks and I imagine that’s where the dependency lies.

Thank you for your help!