Cannot access /etc, Software Center shows errors

Hi there,

I’m quite new to linux and fedora, trying to work my way trough issues myself, but here I failed. Some time ago I started to have this error in Software Center:

(the odd language says that it failed with opening the file due to input/output error)

It looked as updates were working, but I couldn’t install anything trough center. Or see installed software.

Recently decided to have a sit and fix it, reenabled repos, reinstalled nvidia drivers completely, finally I went to check yum.repos.d. And here surprise, I have no access to it:

Sorry, could not display all the contents of “etc”: Error when getting information for file “/etc/subgid-”: Input/output error

How can I fix it without breaking whole system?



Does the command ls /etc work?

That file name is a backup file usually created when the system edits the file /etc/subgid during user creation or deletion.
You should be able to do sudo rm /etc/subgid- without harm to the system and then the error will be gone

ls /etc works allright, however sudo rm /etc/subgid-returns

rm: cannot remove '/etc/subgid-': Input/output error

What do you see with ls -lZ /etc/subgid*. Please post the output exactly as you see it.

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That cumulatively tells me that something has corrupted the filesystem for that file. The next step is to get that file removed and the file system fixed.

Are you using btrfs or ext4 for your file system? The repairs are different for each.

fsck works on an ext4 file system but not on btrfs.

With btrfs errors this is one link on how to repair. Follow it at your own risk.

This is another repair thread

I have never encountered a btrfs error to date, but others have.

woohoo, I have btrfs - time to learn new things :slight_smile:

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